NFL Power Rankings Week 16

The NFL season has just two weeks left and I am ready to narrow the list down of capable Super Bowl winning teams to six. The rankings still go ten deep, but that’s just for the playoff picture. The top six teams are the only ones talented and healthy enough to win the Super Bowl this season. Disagree? Well, you’re wrong. Or I am. Only time will tell.

1. New England Patriots Record: 12-2 Streak: W5 Differential: +132

The Patriots aren’t too worried about the type of players that they bring in as long as they are winning. This could be what makes them so great. Keep in mind that they once had a man who literally killed a man playing for them. They have now have brought in Michael Floyd who has certainly come close to killing someone. Get this man some help, not a ring.

2. Dallas Cowboys 12-2 W1 +108

The Cowboys have to finish the season strong as home field advantage is going to mean everything for them. This team has little experience in the playoffs and being in a comfortable atmosphere will go a long way. Speaking of experience.. I do think that they have some on their bench but lets leave that for Jerry Jones to speculate about.

3. Oakland Raiders 11-3 W1 +41

The Raiders are one of the biggest surprises in this NFL season and if they can overcome their lack of experience in the playoffs, then they’ll have a shot at the Super Bowl. Jack Del Rio for coach of the year. You heard it here first.

4. New York Giants 10-4 W2 +22

Let’s all keep in mind what happens when a Manning is paired with a great defense. Last season Peyton proved that a run down, but experienced quarterback, could win a Super Bowl if put in the right situation. This year Eli might get the chance to further prove that to be the case.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers 9-5 W5 +65

If every playoff caliber team was asked for a list of the opponents that they would least like to play the Steelers might actually be first. They have enough offensive weapons to be an all-star team and they are as hot as any team in the NFL. A big Christmas Day showdown against their division rival should be a treat for us all.

6. Seattle Seahawks 9-4-1 W1 +63

The Seahawks are another one of those teams that others will fear come the postseason. They are terrific on the defensive side of the ball and great at playing in any stadium. However, Russell Wilson has regressed this year and he will have to play great if the Seahawks are going to compete for a Super Bowl.

7. Kansas City Chiefs 10-4 L1 +45

The Chiefs fall way down in my power rankings after a brutal loss at home to a mediocre Titans team. The Chiefs are not capable of winning the Super Bowl at this point.

8. Detroit Lions 9-5 L1 +16

I’ve never seen such a fragile fan base. I have one thing to say to fellow Lion fans after that last loss. It’s ok. The Lions went on the road to play a quarterback with two Super Bowl rings. Matt Stafford was also playing with just four fingers. The Lions are going to have to finish strong, but now is not the time to jump ship.

9. Atlanta Falcons 9-5 W2 +111

The Falcons have an incredible differential thanks to a record setting offensive season. They are terrific on that side of the ball, but that is about it. I don’t see them as being a team that can win it all. They are like the James Harden of the NFL. If you don’t quite understand that then just turn on a Rockets game for a minute or so and you’ll understand perfectly.

10. Green Bay Packers 8-6 W4 +24

The Packers squeaked out a win against da Bears. They seemed to be one of the best teams in the NFL the week before and this performance was somewhat of a let down. They have quite a bit of work to do to make the playoffs. Even if they make the playoffs they just aren’t a team that is going to be able to win multiple games in the playoffs.

If you love my power rankings then share them with your friends. If you hate my power rankings then share them with your friends. And sorry I am a delusional Lions fan and I still think that they are a top eight team in the NFL.

David Szymanski (@Szymanski96)

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