NFL Power Rankings Week 17

With only one week left in the season, we now know what every team is capable of doing come the playoffs. This set of power rankings is reflective of who I think is most likely to succeed in the playoffs at this point. When looking at this, don’t allow yourself to get so caught up in the records of the teams. Look at their raw ability, and experience in the playoffs. In my opinion, there are only five teams that have the ability to win the Super Bowl this season. Enjoy.  

1. New England Patriots Record: 13-2 Streak: W6 Differential +170

One thing that makes the NFL so entertaining is how close every team is in ability. Point spreads are typically within a touchdown, and this is unique from college football. However, the Patriots are playing at such a high level that the line in last weeks game was -17. They won by 38. Wow.

2. Dallas Cowboys 13-2 W2 +129

The Cowboys have clinched home field advantage, the one seed, and the bye. Now what they need to do is get some of their backs some extra reps. I know Jason Garrett reads my power rankings weekly, so here is my advice to him. Play Dak, Zeke, and everyone for 2-3 drives next week. Then, if they are playing well, make the change to all back ups. If they struggle, then allow them to continue to play. Tony Romo needs a few in game reps, and there is no point to risk unnecessary injuries to your starters.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers  10-5 W6 +69

Christmas got a whole lot better for Steeler fans when they beat their divisional rival thanks to Antonio Brown’s extra effort. If this team can be disciplined, stay healthy, and trust in Big Ben, then there is not a team that they cannot beat.

4. New York Giants 10-5 L1 +17

A road loss on Thursday Night Football doesn’t concern me one bit. Eli Manning, and the Giants, are going to be a threat in the playoffs because of their experience and defense.

5. Seattle Seahawks 9-5-1 L1 +60

The Seahawks are playing somewhat irrelevant games right now, and come playoffs they’ll really be a different team. In fact, they’ll be a new team come 2017. Their next game is on New Year’s Day, and I still think that there is a chance that they’ll win every game in the New Year this season.

6. Oakland Raiders 12-3 W2 +49

The Raiders haven’t made the playoffs since 2002 and this makes them the biggest surprise in the NFL. In fact, their last playoff berth was so long ago that our President Elect hadn’t even started gaining his political experience on The Apprentice. With Matt McGloin now at quarterback, the Raiders are no longer a Super Bowl contender. However, they have the most Pro Bowl players in the NFL and are still going to be a tough out in the playoffs.

7. Kansas City Chiefs 11-4 W1 +68

The Chiefs beat the Broncos convincingly, and it is starting to make me question whether or not I was right in counting them out of legitimate Super Bowl contenders last week. However, I’m still not changing my mind on the Chiefs. They are capable of going far, maybe even to the Super Bowl, but they are not going to win. There is just no way.

8. Atlanta Falcons 10-5 W3 +128

Fans love offense and that is all the Falcons are. Their not capable of winning a Super Bowl this season and part of that has to do with their potential match ups. The Falcons aren’t going to be able to beat the Cowboys, Seahawks, or the Giants come playoffs.

9. Green Bay Packers 9-6 W5 +37

Go Pack Go. Just don’t go to Detroit this Sunday and beat them. I want my Lions to send the Packers packing. I understand the brilliance of Aaron Rodgers, but this team is not looking like a legitimate Super Bowl contender. They have a pathetic secondary, poor receivers, and an inability to run the ball.

10. Detroit Lions 9-6 L2 -5

The Lions lost in a primetime game against the Dallas Cowboys. A win would have clinched the playoffs, but this coming week they get another chance. Sunday night, the Packers and Lions play for the division title at Ford Field. Get ya popcorn ready.

Sorry to all of you Raiders, Chiefs, Falcons, Packers, and Lions fans. Your team can’t win the Super Bowl this year. Next week we will have a breakdown of the first round of NFL playoff games.

David Szymanski (@Szymanski96)

One response to “NFL Power Rankings Week 17

  1. The Lions suffer from a lack of depth. Due to many wasted drafts (can you say, “Millen”?) the team is short in depth. The latest drafts have provided benefits but in a sport with a huge roster, it takes time to build. Can they beat the Pack? Time will tell.


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