Worldwide Thoughts on Sports

I recently went on a cruise to the Caribbean where I had the pleasure of meeting dozens of people from around the world. As I do with many people, I engaged these people in discussions about sports and to my surprise; they had some interesting thoughts on their local and favorite teams. Sports are such a global phenomenon and it was fun to get other peoples perspectives.

Swedish Couples

I met four fantastic people from Sweden and talked about golf with them after noting one of them wearing a British Open hat. They said that they had met while playing golf and had gone to a few professional events. Their favorite golfer was Henrik Stenson (a Swede) and made sure that I knew he was from Sweden. These were fantastic people and said that in Sweden golf is very competitive. They met while at a golf competition and seemed to me were very solid golfers. Still would get smacked around the gold course by me.

Packers Fan

I met a man who lives 2 blocks from Lambeau Field and attends every game. I could tell by his intensity that he was a huge Packers fan and would know who the back up water boy is if I asked him. When prompted about the Packers, he immediately started talking negatively about Aaron Rodgers. This caught me off guard because of how much success and excellent numbers Rodgers has had. I am sure it is hard to follow in the footsteps of Brett Favre but it is concerning that an all out fan has a negative outlook on Rodgers. Now this fan was pleased with the play of Rodgers but was not so pleased about his demeanor and said, “He seems entitled doesn’t he?” Might be interesting to see how Aaron Rodgers continues to fair in an environment that may not be totally committed to him, while still putting up great numbers.

Ohio State Fans

I met a few OSU fans on board, especially while watching OSU/ Michigan around the ship. Buckeye fans carry themselves a bit different almost as if they think they are better. Now they have had huge success in football but when I spoke to them and said, “You guys are good this year” they would reply, “yea…I know”. You deserve to be in the playoff but I am watching you OSU fans, don’t seem so cocky.

International Soccer

I mostly saw soccer jerseys on the ship and these were varying teams. It is no question that soccer is the most popular sport in the world but it was interesting to see it first hand. I acknowledge that I don’t have the most knowledge on soccer so I didn’t have too many fúbol conversations but soccer was the prevalent sport. I hope to attend a huge soccer match sometime soon and appreciate what all the hype is about.

WVU Fans

I am a proud WVU fan and attempted to wear as much mountaineer stuff as I could. There were only a few fans on board but I had some fun conversations about our teams. Everyone was thrilled with the excellent football season even though we hadn’t played the final game of the season. Local fans stick together and that was even prevalent on a cruise ship.

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