The Roomies: 2016

The Roomies


Another year of sports and entertainment has come and gone, and what a year it was. We saw Peyton Manning win a Super Bowl in the last year of his career. LeBron James led the Cavaliers in what was possibly the greatest comeback/ biggest screw job  in the history of history. The Penguins got hot at the right time of the year and won another Stanley Cup. Just recently, the Chicago Cubs (and their DEFINITELY always loyal fan base) finally won a World Series ending a 108-year drought. Rio hosted the Olympics that the US dominated despite their tough opponent Zika. The Ryder Cup was brought back to America again. USA-USA-USA! And throw in whatever happened at the collegiate level of sports, and it was one of the greatest years of sports ever.

In looking back over this past historical year here at The Break Room, we decided to come out with our own awards for the year. The Roomies will now be yearly awards that we will hand out to those deserving at the end of the year. We have the typical awards such as best player, team, and coach. We also, in Break Room fashion, have some original content that we hope will make you laugh, and remember all the great times from the past year. With no further ado, here our The Roomies for the past year of sports.

The Break Room Athlete Awards

Athlete of the Year

This is not just the athlete of the year, but also the athlete of our lifetime. Michael Phelps finished his swimming career at the past Olympics in Rio, and he went out in spectacular fashion. In these Olympics he tallied five gold medals, and a silver. His career will end with a total of 28 medals (23 golds). Well only if he actually retires and doesn’t pull a Brett Favre. The Roomie for Athlete of the Year goes to:

Michael Phelps

Runner-Up: LeBron James

Most Iconic Duo

We live in a day and age in which the individual matters so much more than the team. Guys are so much about themselves that when you see two teammates on the same page, it is a thrill to watch. Here at The Break Room we understand the importance, and fun, of two teammates that work in unison together. The Roomie for the Most Iconic Duo in sports goes to:

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski

Runner-Up: Jordan Spieth and Michael Greller

Play of the Year

A saying that we love here at The Break Room is that big time players make big time plays. There was no bigger play then when Kris Jenkins nailed the 3 point shot as time expired to give Villanova the win against North Carolina in the 2016 NCAA National Championship basketball game. For this play we give out The Roomie for Play of the Year to:

Kris Jenkins and the Villanova Basketball Team

Runner-Up: LeBron James’ Block in the Finals

Mr. Underappreciated

The only players that get credit nowadays are the superstars. However, here at The Break Room, we understand the value of all players. We will even use a hashtag so that you now we are for real. #AllPlayerLivesMatter. So this Roomie goes to someone in sports that we feel is underappreciated. It could be a kicker, punter, caddy, bench warmer, pinch runner, holder, long snapper, or even a ball boy. There are a ton of people underappreciated in sports, however we can only give away one Roomie and for 2016 it goes to:

Kyle Foster

Runner-Up: Johnny Townsend

The Melo

There is no player in sports more beloved for doing less than Carmelo Anthony. He is the most overrated superstar in sports today. For his lack of doing nothing, we have decided to give away an award to honor another player who has been labeled a star without accomplishing much. There is no question that The Melo needs to be given to:

Tony Romo

Runner-Up: Andrew Luck

The Manziel

Johnny Manziel had it all, and then proceeded to throw it all away. Sports fan dream of having the ability to play in the NFL. They are confused at how prominent sport figures find a way to ruin all that they have. The Roomie for The Manziel goes to:

Josh Gordon

Runner-Up: Michael Floyd

The Terrell Owens

To explain this award we ask you to just think of the biggest diva in your life. That person that always has to have the eyes on them, and if not they’ll cause a scene. We often criticize these people, but they certainly make life more entertaining. Terrell Owens was one of the biggest divas in sports history and so we’ve dedicated an award to him. Also, how can we forget when T.O. did a press conference/workout in his driveway! The Terrell Owens goes to the biggest diva in sports over the last year and The Roomie goes to:

Odell Beckham

Runner-Up: Draymond Green

James Connor Courage Award

James Connor embodies what each person should aspire to be. He was diagnosed with cancer last year and many thought he would never play football again. He perservered and overcame the awful disease that cancer is. The courage and strength that it took to beat the disease, and play football again, has not gone unnoticed. We wanted to create a courage award here at The Break Room and James Connor is the obvious recipient. We also named The Roomie after him.

James Connor

More About James Connor’s Story:

The Break Room Team Awards

Best Team

Over the past year there have been historically good teams. The Warriors broke the NBA regular season wins record. A 108-year drought was ended by one of the greatest rosters in sports, the Chicago Cubs. The Super Bowl was won by a team with a legendary quarterback. However, the best team was the one that represented our country at the past Olympics. I mean how patriotic can I be if I don’t give the award to our team. The Roomie for the Best Team goes to:

USA Olympic Team

Runner-Up: US Ryder Cup Team

Biggest Surprise

Every season fans begin with the hope of their team coming together just the way they imagine. Yes, even Cleveland Browns fans. What fans look for is their team to show improvement and do something to show signs of a promising future. Every now and then, a team exceeds expectations in such a way that no one could see it coming. This season the team that takes home The Roomie for the Biggest Surprise in sports is the:

Dallas Cowboys

Runner-Up: Western Michigan Broncos

The Costco

Costco is one of the most efficiently run stores in the world today. Their consistency and company message is so clear that we thought we’d name an award after them. In order to be a deserving recipient of The Costco a team must be buttoned up from top down. They must have good coaching and efficient players. Also huge slices of pizza. This season The Roomie for The Costco goes to a team that has built a brand that is as big as Costco:

San Antonio Spurs 

Runner-Up: Alabama Crimson Tide

Marty McFly

There are teams in sports today that are contenders year after year. To name a few: Alabama Football, the Warriors, UConn Women Basketball, any team LeBron plays for, and  the Patriots. In watching the past year of sports, we here have found a team that we believe will be the next to join this list. They are the future of sports. Marty McFly knows a thing or two about the future and so we will name The Roomie after him. The Roomie for the team we believe will be the next big thing in sports based off of 2016 goes to:

Oakland Raiders

Runner-Up: Dustin Johnson

The Break Room Coach Awards

Best Coach (Well… Manager)

Saying coaching matters in sports is quite the understatement. What can a bad coach do with good players you might ask? Take a look at the Texas Longhorns.. What can a good coach do with bad players? Take a look at Colorado’s football team this past season. The Roomie for Best Coach, well manager, is certainly going to:

Joe Maddon

Runner-Up: Bill Belichick

Best Coaching Staff

A coach is typically limited by his coaching staff as he delegates much of what needs to get done. The same is true regarding presidents. You can understand why everyone is so worried about The Donald now.. The best coaching staff over the past year has been:

New England Patriots

Runner-Up: Alabama Crimson Tide

The Home Depot

Not all coaches start with a finished product. Teams must be built. In order to do so they have to go to Home Depot, right? The Roomie we call The Home Depot goes to the team that has been built by their coach into a perennial contender. This past year the coach that built his program into this was:

Jim Harbaugh

Runner-Up: PJ Fleck 

The Future

Even Nick Saban was once just a defensive backs coach waiting for his opportunity to have his own program. It took years and years before he proved himself to be one of the greatest coaches ever. Here, at The Break Room, we have paid close attention to coaches and what they have been doing over the last year. We have a feeling that we know who will be the next great coach. The Roomie for The Future goes to:

Chris Peterson

Runner-Up: Tom Herman

The Break Room Media Awards

Broadcaster of the Year

National broadcasters garner a lot of hate for what they. While they receive much criticism, we appreciate them at The Break Room. This past year the broadcaster that everyone loved tuning in to, or at least we did, or at least David did, was:

Joe Buck

Runner-Up: Chris Collinsworth

Kyle’s Sideline Reporter of the Year

All parts of game coverage are important, and we don’t overlook that here at The Break Room. Just a few weeks ago Kyle came out with his sideline reporter rankings, and we received much criticism from fans saying what he did was unjust. We are really just trying to appreciate what is done on the sidelines. Kyle now has an award that will ever be remembered in The Break Room history. The Roomie for Kyle’s Sideline Reporter of the Year goes to:

Sam Ponder

Runner-Up: Erin Andrews

The Bayless

Everyone in the media comes up with zany theories to create clicks but no one does it better than Skip Bayless. We have named this award after him because of his tendency to try to drive ratings by saying crazy things.  Over the past year, we have kept our eye on everyone in sports media. We are pleased to present The Bayless to:

Nick Wright

Runner-Up: Jason Whitlock

Vin Scully Lifetime Achievement Award

In all line of works people hope to achieve the level of success that Vin Scully did. There was nothing like listening to a game from the legendary Vin Scully, and unfortunately his time has come to an end. As we say goodbye, we would like to give him the lifetime achievement award, and also name it after him for future recipients.

Vin Scully

Vin Scully’s Goodbye:

The Break Room

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