Welcome Aboard Our Newest Member

It’s now 2017 and we needed to make some changes here at TBR in order to grow and gain more viewers, we also need someone with pro experience. Not only that but we wanted a self-motivated leader, someone that can command the room, a tough person that doesn’t take no for an answer.

Guess what, I found all of that, and her name is Julia Mellett. (Twitter:@beads_and_jules)

I know what you’re thinking, “where do you find all this talent at,” easy, I’m an aggressive Owner/GM/Captain and I have an uncanny ability of finding the top people in their field.

Julia will most definitely raise the level of competition here at The Break Room, which in return will make for better content for all of you viewers. She’s a skilled writer that easily knows more about sports that most of the guys here (myself included). I’m still trying to convince her to get on a show or two with me so everyone can get an idea of the person behind the mask.

Before I officially brought her on I had her answer a series of questions, and she knocked it out of the park, take a look for yourself at a few of her answers:

Favorite TV shows: TV: Criminal Minds, Modern Family, Friends 

 Movies: Casablanca, The Princess Bride, 10 Things I Hate About You, Good Will Hunting, The Phantom of the Opera

Favorite Music/Artist: The Lumineers, Frank Sinatra, The Civil Wars, Panic at the Disco, Chris Young, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, etc.

Favorite Sports teams: Pirates, Steelers, Penguins, Mountaineers (in any sport)

Who would win in a fight between Kyle and Noah: Noah (Sorry Kyle)

If you could name a race horse what would it be: Forever A Loan

Do you know anything about pirates: Everything I know about pirates comes from info signs planted around miniature golf courses

Are they cool: Yes, but I should NOT work at a museum about pirate history…

Are you worried if you don’t say yes to the previous question Frank will get angry: No. I don’t answer depending on how I want others to respond. Although, sorry if you are in any way offended by my lack of pirate knowledge…

What can you bring to the team: I want to bring a fresh perspective to the content while infusing my own personal touches throughout! As the only female on the team, I feel like it’s now my responsibility to bring a female perspective and feminine touch to the content that will attract more female readership.

What is your main goal: To bring my expertise to the team and improve aspects of myself and my knowledge in order to produce content that represents The Break Room and I in the best possible light.

Those were some hilarious answers, I’m greatly looking forward to what she’ll bring in the immediate future. Since I am captain of this ship I guess that makes her like Elizabeth Swann from the Pirates of The Caribbean movies or something like that.



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