Why Each Team Will Win/Lose the Super Bowl


Below you will find a breakdown of each team in NFC, and why they will/won’t win the Super Bowl. Essentially, each team has what could carry them to the Super Bowl, along with what could prevent them. Confusing? Kind of, but it will all make sense in the end.

Dallas Cowboys

Why the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl:

Completeness. The Cowboys do not have a hole in their roster. From their kicker to their quarterback, the Cowboys can match-up with any team in the NFL. If they go on to win the Super Bowl, it will be a testament to a team being only as good as their biggest weakness.

Why the Cowboys won’t win the Super Bowl:

Experience. There is no substitute for experience in life, or sports. My eighth grade history teacher told me that and over the past years I have learned this to be truer than he probably even realized. Dak and Zeke are going to be playing in games bigger than they can even imagine. I mean, they will play in a game so big people actually watch the commericals. If the Cowboys lose in the playoffs, it will be for no reason other than experience.

Atlanta Falcons

Why the Falcons will win the Super Bowl:

Offense. If the Falcons can get into games that develop into shootouts, then they should win it all. They scored the eighth most points in NFL history in the regular season and could further their case as the top offense of all-time in the playoffs.

Why the Falcons will lose the Super Bowl:

Defense. There is an old cliche, and I hate cliches, that says defense wins championships. However, if the Falcons don’t win the Super Bowl then it is only going to further the use of this dumb saying. But in this situation, it may just be true.

Seattle Seahawks

Why the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl:

Experience. The Seahawks still have many of their core players from when they won the Super Bowl just a few year ago. Pete Carroll is still there coaching and their physicality makes them a particularly good playoff team. Oh, and defense wins championships.

Why the Seahawks won’t win the Super Bowl:

Inconsistency. This season the Seahawks lost a game to the Packers by 28 and also were only able to put up five points against the Buccaneers. However, the have also traveled to Foxborough and beat the Patriots. No one is denying the Seahawks ability, but rather their ability to play to their potential.

Green Bay Packers

Why the Packers will win the Super Bowl:

Rodgers. I know football is more than just quarterback play, but this is all the Packers have to rely on. However, no one else has Aaron Rodgers. When he is playing his best football, it is hard to argue there is a better quarterback. Never count out the team with the best player.

Why the Packers won’t win the Super Bowl:

Secondary. The Packers are incapable of defending the pass when their opponent has a good quarterback/receiver combo. Their first match-up will be against Odell Beckham and Eli Manning. This could cause their playoff run to be short lived.

New York Giants

Why the Giants will win the Super Bowl:

Manning-and-defense. I’m trying to keep these reasons to one word, and so I’ve created a new word. Last year Peyton Manning was playing on a team with a historically good defense. His experience combined with that, proved to be capable of winning a Super Bowl. Eli will be able to do the same this year. There could be a joke that goes something like.. A Manning and a good defense team up.. What happens next?

Why the Giants won’t win the Super Bowl

Inconsistency. If Eli Manning doesn’t win his third Super Bowl out of the wild card slot, then it will be most likely due their continued inconsistent performance from the regular season. The Giants have one of the best offensive playmakers in the game, top defense, and experienced quarterback. They have the tools, but will they play to their ability in every game?

Detroit Lions

Why the Lions will win the Super Bowl:

Averages. The Lions have yet to win a Super Bowl so you have to figure that eventually they will. I think the law of averages backs up this idea of the Lions being able to win the Super Bowl, but I really don’t know. That is my best explanation for why a team that has lost three straight could go on a run and win the Super Bowl. 

Why the Lions won’t win the Super Bowl:

Match-ups. And that is certainly not the only reason. By saying match-ups, it is really just my way of saying that other teams are better. The Lions aren’t going to be able to go on the road and beat the Falcons or the Cowboys. They do have a shot against the Seahawks, though.

David Szymanski (@Szymanski96)



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