Why Each Team Will Win/Lose the Super Bowl


Below you will find a breakdown of each team in NFC, and why they will/won’t win the Super Bowl. Essentially, each team has what could carry them to the Super Bowl, along with what could prevent them. Confusing? Kind of, but it will all make sense in the end.

New England Patriots

Why the Patriots will win the Super Bowl:

Brady. He is playing at such a ridiculously high level that it is hard to imagine any team is going to beat them. The Patriots have the best coach in the NFL, best quarterback, and the most experience. Can they be beat?

Why the Patriots won’t win the Super Bowl:

Opponent. The Patriots never beat themselves. Penalties are kept to a minimum, coaching decisions are great, special teams are good, and personnel is some of the best in the NFL. If the Patriots run into a red hot Steelers, Chiefs, or NFC team then maybe they can be beat, but it is going to take a hell of a performance by one of their opponents.

Kansas City Chiefs

Why the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl:

Defense. This is not to discredit the Chiefs offense, but rather to credit their defense. The Chiefs certainly have the ability, with a great game plan, to stop any offense on a given night. If the Chiefs make a Super Bowl run it will be credited to their defensive greatness.

Why the Chiefs will lose the Super Bowl:

Steelers. As good as the Chiefs defense is, the Steelers offense is even better. The Chiefs match-up better with the Patriots than the Steelers do, but I think their playoff run will come to an end prematurely.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Why the Steelers will win the Super Bowl:

Playmakers. The Steelers have Big Ben, Antonio Brown, and Le’von Bell. Three of the best offensive playmakers in the NFL. Rely on them, and the Steelers can win it all. Will be an exciting watch every game.

Why the Steelers won’t win the Super Bowl:

Patriots. I do think that the Steelers will make it to the AFC Championship game against the Patriots. However, I am not sure that Steelers match-up with the Pats. I’ll elaborate on this once the game comes.

Houston Texans

Why the Texans will win the Super Bowl:

Luck. A lot of good things would have to happen if the Texans are going to win the Super Bowl. The Patriots would have to be knocked out by someone else, and the NFC would have to send a team like Detroit to the Super Bowl.

Why the Texans won’t win the Super Bowl:

Quarterback. The most important position on the field is the one the Texans struggle the most with. Playoff teams don’t typically bench their starting quarterback just weeks before the post season starts. Not a good sign for the Texans, and it will be their downfall.

Oakland Raiders

Why the Raiders will win the Super Bowl:

Next-man-up. If Connor Cook can come into the game and be the next Derek Carr, then maybe the Raiders can make a run. They have the roster, but whoever plays for Derek Carr will have to play up to his ability. Not likely, but if the Raiders win the Super Bowl this will be the case.

Why the Raiders won’t win the Super Bowl:

Carrless. No, not careless. Carrless. Derek Carr led the Raiders to their best season in years. The Raiders also have the most pro bowl players on their roster. What is holding back the Raiders, is the injury to Derek Carr. Look for them to comeback strong next season.

Miami Dolphins

Why the Dolphins will win the Super Bowl:

Coaching. Adam Gase has done a terrific job with the Dolphins and if they were to make a run to the Super Bowl it will be credited to him. The Dolphins will likely need Tannehill healthy in order for this to happen, but it is possible.

Why the Dolphins won’t win the Super Bowl:

Experience. The Dolphins do not have experience with many of their core players on the big time stage. They also lack an enormous amount of talent that could make up for their lack of experience, like the Cowboys do. Look for the Dolphins to have an early exit because of this.

One response to “Why Each Team Will Win/Lose the Super Bowl

  1. OK, so we have our matchup. Pitt v NE fizzled, at least in part, due to injury. So Atlanta doesn’t flash defensive prowess? How healthy are they and can the Pats disrupt the incredible offense? Can the under ever be safe in this one? Let the hype begin.


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