Why The Miami Dolphins Will Win on Sunday

In case you were still deciding on which team to bet on this week, let me present to you the MORTAL LOCK OF A LIFETIME!

Miami is heded to pittsburgh at +10 (for the non-gamblers aka squares out there it means they’re 10 point underdogs), and if this game is anything like the last one there will be tears streaming from the faces of Steeler Die-Hards and those that only Tweet when they’re winning.

Listed below are the reasons the Dolphins will win (again), and hopefully all my Steeler fan co-workers will take some notes before they look like complete bozo’s.

1. Coaching 

Coach Gase has rejuvenated the Dolphins after starting 1-5. His my way or highway strategy has seemed to work out extremely well, i.e. he sat Jay Ajayi week 1 for not compiling to his rules, and after that J-Train has been a force to be reckoned with. The offense has been firing lately, but hopefully nagging injuries won’t slow this side of the ball down too much.

DC Vance Joseph is being mentioned as the next 49ers Head Coach, the stats his defense has put up this year are not indicative of how good of a job he’s done. For example he turned Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso into an actual football players again. He’s locked down the Big 3 of Ben, Bell, and Brown already, hopefully he does it again.

Let’s not forget about the best Special Teams Coordinator in the land Darren Rizzi, he’s been there through all the coaching changes, and he makes sure his guys are ready to go at every opportunity they have. His groups have played a huge role in the wins Miami has this season. The Special Teams battle will be the deciding factor in Sunday’s game. (Side Bar: Every time they do something great I always text my friends that are Dolphins fans to brag on him)

2. Jay Ajayi 

J-Train or the British Bulldog or whatever you want to call him is the best RB not in the Pro Bowl this year. Currently he’s over 1,000 yards for the season and is 1 of 4 RB’s in NFL history to have back to back 200 yard games. That’s right you guessed it, one of those games was against the Pittsburgh Steelers, granted the Phins’ O-Line was at full go but I still believe Jay will bully the Pittsburgh Defense.

3. Player To Be Named Later

Part of Miami’s success this year has stemmed from out-of-this-world performances from random players. In SD it was Tony Lippett and Kiko Alonso, at Buffalo it was Andrew Frankstwice, and vs NYJ it was Matt Moore. Maybe look for Kenyan Drake to have a big Kick Return or maybe someone like Xavien Howard (who missed most of the year with an injury) to make big time Interception and win the ball game for Miami.

Seeing as the Miami Defense put both Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown in their back pocket during the last game I forsee plenty of the same in the second act.

*Here’s me extending an olive branch to Steeler fans*

Reasons Pittsburgh Will Win Sunday

1. Legitimately EVERYONE is Hurt for Miami

Starters: QB Ryan Tannehill, C Mike Pouncey, S Reshad Jones, and CB Byron Maxwell are all out. This list doesn’t include guys that have been out all year like former Pro-Bowler TE Jordan Cameron and LB Koa Misi (oh wait, now it does).

2. Pittsburgh Dominates Wild Card Games

Is there really anything else to add? When they’re hot they’re a scary team!

I’m not one to talk before games, but what type of fan would I be if I didn’t say a little something. You know the old saying, “act like you’ve been there,” well I haven’t since ’08 when a man named Chad Pennington captained the ship to a Wild Card loss.


P.S. Here are the highlights from the game earlier this year

The NFL won’t let me embed the video, sorry. #FireGoodell


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