Grayson Allen has been under the media microscope these past few weeks because of uncontrollable leg spasms that end up uppercutting opponents genitals. Allen has already faced a one game suspension for practicing his kickboxing against Elon. Although Allen has a history of being a douche on the court, and he plays for the hated Dookies, I’m telling everyone to give the kid a break. I’m not going to go on a Chris Crocker “Leave Brittany Alone” rant, but I will make a case so the media can hop off this kid’s jock for awhile and let him play some basketball.

Allen has been scrutinized again for a play that happened in the Florida State game. Allen dives after a loose ball on the sideline and makes contact with an assistant coach for Florida State. Twitter and the media are going nuts dissecting this play, trying to accuse Grayson of deliberately shoving the coach. Here’s the clip:

If you’ve ever played a contact sport you can understand that Grayson did nothing wrong here. This was a hustle play, things us white guys get way too excited about. Grayson is putting his body on the line to help his team, and he is getting negative media coverage from it.

Allen is an exceptional athlete and all-around great basketball player, probably one of the best college players we have this year. His past actions were unacceptable, but I do not think that public shaming is the best way to resolve his issues. Coach K is the world’s best and if anyone can control Allen’s emotions it’s Coach K. Let’s take a step back, and understand that Grayson is a young adult who has some growing to do before he can add value to an NBA organization.

But if he kicks someone in the balls during the UNC-Duke game then I’ll find his mailing address, and send him all orange Starbursts until he gets drafted.

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