WVU Dismantles #1 Baylor, Life’s Too Short to Bet the Under

It was an 89-68 drumming with WVU in control the whole game. There’s my expert analysis of the game.

Nathan ‘Nate Dog’ Adrian is basically Samson from The Bible, ever since he’s grown his hair out he’s just become a completely different player for the better. He’s an absolute menace to other teams when he’s at the front of the press. If an ESPN personality were to talk about him they’d use white clichés like, “hustle player, high motor, determined, grit ball.” Whatever you want to call him you can’t call him a loser.

Speaking of non-losers i hit the over last night. I had it at 139 and they didn’t hit that until like 2:50 left in the game. I wasn’t that worried about it, considering I’m basically Rain Man with my picks, (ask around) so if you want gambling advice you know who to call!

Whilst at the game I managed to take a video or two, check it out:

My friends and I decided to sit in the hawks nest, 10/10 would NOT reccomend.

But the creme de la creme of the night had to of been The Break Room’s own Kyle Sams getting carried on everyone’s shoulders after the game à la Rudy:

I can see that t-shirt money rolling in already!

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