Thank You, President Obama

Well, it’s official. Barack Obama has served his time as President of the United States. The Democrat is passing on the title “The most powerful man in the world” and the nuclear codes to the 45th President, Donald Trump. I’m not writing this article to stir up anything or to bring out my political agenda, I just want to simply say “Thank You” for everything President Obama has done the past 8 years. Maybe in another 4  or even 8 years, I may do the same for Mr. Trump.

First of all, Thank You Barack Obama for stepping up and being so courageous in your efforts to become President of the United States. You are officially the first African American to ever serve this country as our leader. You achieved a milestone that a lot of people thought wasn’t possible. It’s no surprise that racism still exists in our nation and around the world. It blows my mind that people actually think that they are better than one another because of the color of their skin. You reassured the black community with confidence that with hard work and dedication, goals can be reached no matter what the situation is. Your legacy will always carry weight with the black community.

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Next, Thank You Barack Obama for marrying Michelle Obama. The girl from the south side turned out to be one of the most influential First Ladies that this country has ever/will ever see. Michelle showed her passion for helping kids and women day in and day out. She is probably the only person that could ever get a kid to eat broccoli, and actually enjoy it. She is all about her fitness and it has pushed women from all over the country to strive to be a better person. She infused the women with confidence and always stood up for them. Plus, I think she is a 10. Well done, Mrs. Obama.

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Also, Thank You Barack Obama for keeping the “American Dream” alive. I’m proud that you were so open-minded to immigrants and foreigners coming into this country and encouraging them to become U.S. citizens. America was built on people coming over from different countries and starting a life here. We have a very detailed history with people coming here and settling down; looking for new opportunities. Because of you, my best friend dreams of becoming an American citizen one day. He wants to live the American way and pay taxes and be accepted as an American. You kept the dream alive, you never shut anyone out and you made it clear that we accept people regardless of religion, race, and cultural differences. You were not afraid to bring in Syrian refugees. You undoubtedly saved lives by bringing them in and for that, I  thank you.

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Lastly, Thank You Barack Obama for the accomplishments you made along the way. Your legacy will heavily be weighted by your Affordable Care Act bill. I applaud you for this, because if we claim that we are the greatest country in the world, a first world country NEEDS and SHOULD take care of EVERY citizen in this amazing country. Yeah, it had some bumps in the road, and it started off every slow. But thanks to the bill, many lives were saved and the uninsured rate has gone done. Everyone had access to healthcare, and for that, well done. You also found, and killed Osama Bin Laden. Although we will never be able to avenge the damage that was done on 9/11, the world is a much better place without him. The unemployment rate is at an all-time low. You signed the stimulus package that pulled us out of the Great Recession, the Stock Market is breaking records. You pulled out all of our troops in Iraq. The auto-industry is coming back, you tightened sanctions on Iran, we still hate Christian Laettner, invested heavily in renewable resources/technology, you didn’t sleep with Monica Lewinsky, you expanded stem-cell research, and you passed same sex marriage. Whether you believe in it or not, everybody has the right to love who they want. Finally, you left with a 60% approval rating, which is the 3rd highest ever among presidents according to CNN.

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One last thing, Thank You for being one of the best speakers of all time. I know you didn’t write your own speeches, but the way you delivered them is something that can’t/won’t be replicated anytime soon.

Although I wasn’t old enough to vote in 2008, I was delegated a president that I knew nothing about. As you leave the White House in 2017, I can say that I am proud of the American people for electing you to two terms and to be able to follow you and see you progress this country the way you have.

“Yes We Can”

“Yes We Did”

Thank You, Mr. President.

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