What to Watch: Thursday Jan 26th

Finally the internationally-known series returns once more. I have 3 fantastic videos that you should definitely watch immediately. It’s well documented I spend way too much time on YouTube. However you should be praising me for my procrastination skills, seeing as without them you wouldn’t have found these videos. Let’s get it on:

1. Will Ferrell Outtakes in Eastbound & Down 

Easily one of the funniest blooper reels I’ve ever watched. There’s no way I could be a capital A actor simply because I’d be laughing too much.

2. Bruno Mars Carpool Karaoke

One of the most talented dudes in the game does it again, I’m talking about James Corden, obviously. It’s really funny to try and watch James dance next to Bruno who’s somehow still killing it whilst being buckled into a seat.

3. Tom Hanks Plays a Trump Supporter on ‘Black Jeopardy’

There’s not much to describe other than Hanks is hilarious in this. The accuracy of the sketch is what makes it so funny, just watch for yourself.

As always if you liked any of these videos let me know on Twitter @fmiller17, or @breakroomshow


Here’s the song for the week!

“Do you like Phil Collins?” – Patrick Batement (American Psycho)

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