Pat Mcafee Retires From the NFL at 29, Is the SMARTEST MAN ALIVE

That’s right, “The People’s Punter” has walked away from the game before he needed the use of a wheelchair. Mcafee is leaving at the top of his game he’s 29 and a perennial Pro-Bowl Punter, similar to last year when we saw Calvin Johnson walk away early. Pat said he had 3 knee surgeries in 4 years and “probably more down the road.” Which us in the kicking balls business like to call, “not that good for your health.”

Personally I love the move, why? Because he’s headed to my second favorite sports/entertainment company (besides ours), Barstool Sports. I’ve been a follower of theirs for a couple years now and it’s cool to see them not only get a funny guy that went to the same school I currently attend, but the guy is a HECKUVA talent on the field too.

In terms of entertainment experience he’s already been a part time guest on an Indianapolis radio station and has had one successful stand-up special (Pat Mcafee: Uncaged) there’s not a doubt in my mind he’s going to dominate the entertainment game full-time now.

When the news first broke I originally thought it was a joke, but nope it’s all real, good God it’s all real!

Check out the breaking tweets here:

I’ve always been a fan of the guy and I will continue to be a fan of his. I still remember when I was a kid and he was kicking balls out of Mountaineer Field and being an all-around STUD, good times good times…


Arrivederci, Mcafee


Side Bar: I’m pretty sure he used to drive a moped around campus, which is the biggest power move in the history of power moves.

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