My New Favorite YouTuber: H3H3 Productions

Recently my friend showed me who this duo was and I was instantly intrigued. To simply explain their style of comedy it’s mostly satirical which consists of them making mockeries of things that are popular online. I completely understand where they’re coming from considering I’m essentially a professional-hater.

Even tough these two have millions of followers on both channels (Ethan and Hila & H3H3 Productions) they still seem to have a “cult following.” There are a lot of inside jokes I didn’t understand until I spent almost an entire weekend watching all of their videos.

I’m just going to go ahead and post a couple of my favorite ones so you get an idea of who this hilarious is.

(Side Bar: Some jokes might be slightly explicit) If skits and reviews aren’t really your thing their vlog channel (Ethan and Hila) has a ton of hilarious content as well.

I especially like this last one just because of how much of a bafoon he looks like.


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