3-1? 25-Points? Poll Predictions?

3-1 series, 25-point leads, and poll predictions have led to some of the biggest choke jobs in history.

We have had the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Falcons, and Hillary Rodham Clinton. All of these are worthy as being the biggest gag ever. However, I am going to do my best to break these down in order from bad to worse.

  1. The Cleveland Indians

It is wild to think that the most impactful player in baseball only plays every five games or so. Think if LeBron only got the chance to play in games 1 and 5. So when we look at the choke job of the Indians, compared to the others, we have to realize baseball depends on match-ups. The Cubs comeback was the most foreseeable of all. Plus it was Cleveland…

Level of choke: Water “down the wrong tube”

  1. The Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons got up big, and at some point people may have started to turn their TV’s off, but I sure didn’t. It felt like the Patriots were going to comeback all game. They had the best quarterback in the history of the NFL. While a 25-point lead is incredible to give up, I mean truly incredible, it isn’t as bad as these next two.

Level of choke: Strep throat test

  1. The Golden State Warriors

The defending champions, who had already comeback from being down 3-1, were up 3-1 in The Finals. They were the best team in history, and they had two games left at home. Then LeBron James happened. Steph shrunk like the mediocre point guard he is, and the rest of the team didn’t know what to do. This was the biggest gag in sports, but worst we have seen lately.

Level of choke: A kid eating a lego

  1. Hillary Rodham Clinton

This is the biggest choke job for a few reasons. Lets start with Clinton spending her entire life preparing to be President. Add in the fact she had a Democrat President leaving the office with one of the highest approval ratings ever, an enormous amount of funding, and a former President as a husband. Oh, and she was going up against a guy whose campaign strategy was less than 140 characters. Not only was this a flop of a campaign for her, but the American people. We all lost. This is the biggest choke job ever. End of story.

Level of choke: Forgetting to chew a hot dog

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