Who We Are

The Break Room Show is the multimedia sports and entertainment outlet with a comedic spin.  Created by James Liebau and Franklin Miller, The Break Room Show uses blogs, podcasts, live streaming and videos to bring humor to all.  Thanks to everyone who has helped the show on our way to the top, especially WPKM 96.3 The Beet, and we are always open to expanding and trying new projects.


Franklin Miller

A real coach on the field, all-around guys’ guy.  Also likes movies.

Twitter: @fmiller17








James Liebau

Handsome, intelligent, funny, sociable, kind.  These words all describe the man that is James Liebau.  A native West Virginian, he is a journalism and business administration student pursuing a career in the sports’ field.  He listens to Christmas music year-round, hates roller coasters, and works as a bellman at a hotel.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben

Twitter: @jaliebau11





Kyle Sams

An optimistic sports fan who is constantly being let down by his teams.  Division 1 student section-er.  Still searching for his wife on Tinder.

Twitter: @Sams_Klub









Peyton Hughes

Ruggedly handsome Junior at WVU whois an avid Mountaineer fan.  Enjoys the finer things in life, like a walk on the beach or listening to DMX.

Twitter: @peytonhughes208






Noah Smith

WVU ride-or-die fan, always trying to keep it classy, best dressed, the first to laugh, and sports marketing genius.

Twitter: @nsmith_5







Ian Miller

WVU Student. Lover of barbecue, Mountaineer athletics, and the surrender cobra. Oh, and beer.

Twitter: @Its_MillerrTime





David Szymanski

David enjoys long walks on the golf course and three hours of Colin Cowherd a day.  He is from Michigan and now goes to school at that school that beat Kentucky in the NIT tournament (Robert Morris).  He really doesn’t know anyone else on TBR, but that is alright because if he did you might not be reading his bio.

Twitter: @Szymanski96